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This Stade Saturday will knock your socks off!

OMG as the young ones say, is there something big going on this week! Dutch open air theatre company Close Act is brining a show of immense proportions to the Open Space and it is absolutely not to be missed.
This theatre phenomenon combines puppets, stilt walkers, machinery, lights, pyrotechnics and lots of noise to tell a fantastic sea-based story perfect for the setting.
If you want to catch a preview of this show, there will be a procession through town on Saturday afternoon, ending up at the Pathway to Construction event in Alexandra Park at about 3pm.
The show itself starts around 10pm this week, so the light and the atmosphere will be just right for this jaw-dropping extravaganza.
A quick note – because of the scale and type of this production and the risks that any kind of litter will present to the performers, no food or drink of any kind can be consumed on the open space directly before or during the show.

Stade Saturday 23rd June 10pm Stade Open Space – see you there!

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